Crafty Order Fields


What is Form?

A form is a pop-up modal window that appears when your customer attempts to add a product to their shopping cart. This allows you to gather additional information from your customers. Examples of such information might include packaging choice, gift messages, delivery date and time, and so on. Each form consists of one or more form fields.

Each form contains multiple form fields. A form field is a single input field that is displayed to your customer. These can come in various types, such as text, checkbox (single or multiple), dropdown, date and time. They can be either required or optional. When a customer adds a product to their shopping cart, the form fields will be displayed next to the line item during checkout and will be available to you in the order details.

How can I control where the Form should be displayed?

You can control where the form should be displayed during the placement step of form creation or editing. You have the option to display the form for a set of products or for all products within certain collections. You can also hide any form from your store by deactivating it.

Selection of collections takes precedence over individual products. Therefore, if you select an entire collection, there's no need to select individual products from that collection.

Why I have only one Form active at a time?

A Starter pricing plan, which is the default plan you receive after app installation, allows for only one active form. You can subscribe to the Pro plan by starting a free 14-day trial, which enables you to have several active forms at once.

Having access to multiple forms allows you to create different forms for various sets of products. If you cancel the Pro subscription, only one form will remain active. However, no other forms will be deleted. You can reactivate your subscription at any time.